Australia’s first 100% GMO-free Wholefood supermarket since 2014

We are proud to be Australia’s first 100% GMO-Free Wholefood supermarket. Our commitment to offer natural organic NON-GMO products to our community is unique and the first of its kind. Click here to learn more.

Fruit & Veg

We stock the cleanest Fruit and Veg. We believe vigilance at the markets several times a week means our customers have access to quality fruit and veg. Each piece is vetted thoroughly before appearing at Arete Organics.

Quality Vitamins

Organic vitamins are integral to great health. Maybe you have a busy lifestyle. Or perhaps you are faced with a pesky health problem. Arete has catered to customers like you time and time again. Come in and see for yourself.


Modern day cosmetics wreak havoc on your skin and insides. Looking beautiful shouldn’t cost you your health. Arete organics has the world’s best organic cosmetics for you to try. Come in store and have a look at our current display!.

Here at Areté Organics, our commitment is to help people to be the best that they can be through good nutrition. We provide fresh organic and biodynamic fruit and vegetables as well as organic meat, organic dairy products, organic bread, organic snacks and cereals and a range of other groceries.
We are also a café, and we serve organic sweet treats and lunches free from sugars, dairy and animal products. We make organic dairy free smoothies, as well as juices using only the best organic produce.
We cater to gluten intolerances, and allergy sufferers, and we create a variety of raw food dishes.
We also hold regular classes and workshops on raw food, so check our ‘classes’ page for upcoming events.



Eat the food that was put on earth for you. Commercial food, full of pesticides, modified genetics, and hormones is many things- but it is not food.

Eating real food, untouched by complex intrusive processes lets your body reset and go back to what it is meant to be – Full of love


What people love most about Arete Organics is the community and following it has garnered.

Arete isn’t a health food store. Nor is it a supermarket.

Arete is a community of people who want to give themselves and those they love the best gift possible – Wholesome nutrition


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