Our natural ability to produce connective tissue diminished after the age of 25 - drat! It’s one of the reasons why we start to look older and may begin to experience joint problems but there is help at hand... Collagen.

Thankfully, our Collagen Peptides are:

  • Derived from grass-fed beef cattle hides and made in Germany
  • Guaranteed GMO and MSG free
  • Thoroughly tested to ensure the highest quality and safety standards in every batch 
  • Packaged in an economical 750g size, providing 100 serves per tub
  • Easy to use - dissolves easily into hot and cold liquids
  • Almost tasteless!
  • Gluten, dairy and soy free

Thankfully Nourished Collagen Peptides are a source of amino acids, particularly glycine, proline and lysine. They are also a source of protein, necessary for tissue building and repair, and it’s super easy to use in a range of foods and drinks since it dissolves easily.

Collagen vs Gelatin 
Thankfully Nourished Collagen and gelatin are both derived 100% from the hides of beef cattle and the main difference is in their molecular weight. Both are equal in terms of nutritional content. Collagen is lower in weight and size than gelatin and can easily be mixed into both hot and cold liquid. Gelatin is derived from collagen and has the ability to congeal liquids, making it perfect for making homemade jelly.

Add to water, herbal teas, smoothies and baked goods or make it part of your morning ritual by adding to your tea or coffee!

Store in a cool, dry place