Ramen is one of Japan's Most popular dishes and is recognised as a true Japanese cultural staple. Spiral Foods Organic Miso Ramen has a delicious liquid miso base sachet and slow dried (not fried) noodle's that have a distinct quality in texture and taste. Spiral's Organic Instant Ramen uses no MSG or GMO Ingredients. 

Boil 2 Cups of water. Add Noodles and simmer for 4-5 minutes. Add soup stock, stir & enjoy. 

Organic noodle: Organic Wheat Flour, Sea Salt Soup: Organic Shoyu (49.36%) (organic soybeans, organic rice, organic barley, salt and water), Organic Soy Sauce (water, organic soybeans, organic wheat, salt), Organi Mirin (water, organic rice, organic rice koji, salt), Organic Sesame Oil, Organic Coconut sugar, Sea salt, Organic Yeast Extract Powder, Onion Extract, Garlic Extract, Green Onion Extract Kombu, Powder (contains Iodine), White Pepper, Black Pepper, Red Chilli Pepper 

This product is manufactured in a facility that handles egg, crustacean, fish, milk peanuts, tree nuts, soy