Marrook Farm makes its yoghurt in the traditional way just with milk and culture. They use the traditional yoghurt cultures with the addition of the probiotic Acidophilus and Bifidus bacteria. It is not homogenize the milk, (homogenization smashes the big fat globules in milk and distributes fat evenly through the milk), so the cream is at the top of the jar. If you want a skim milk product, just skim the cream off and give it to your cat! When you break this delicate curd, whey will naturally form, it is completely natural and very nutritious. 

In the production of yoghurt, we use no thickening agents (e.g. Milk powder, milk solids, gelatine), their use also absorbs the whey produced and gives bitterness to the yoghurt. Marrook uses no antifoaming agents for foaming problems in production (commonly used but as an aid to manufacture not mentioned as an ingredient), and to sweeten the yoghurts, Marrook only uses pure honey or organic maple syrup.  

Lemon Myrtle is a native rainforest shrub with a beautiful refreshing oil which we combine with a pure bush honey direct from the apiarist. The honey varieties available change through the year and result in subtle variations in flavour. 

The maple syrup is certified organic from Canada and combined with a sensational organic vanilla from Vanuatu makes a delicate and delicious yoghurt.