The signature clarity, colour and delicacy of Jimalie Virgin Coconut Oil is characteristic of our unique fine-spun centrifuge extraction method, a chemical-free and low-temperature process, requiring only 2 hours between husking the coconut and bottling the pure oil onsite.

What is the difference between Centrifuge & Cold Pressed extracted Virgin Coconut Oils?

In the Centrifuge method, the coconut milk is finely spun and the oil separates in much the same way cream separates from dairy milk. It passes through a series of centrifuges to obtain pure oil. The temperature during the entire process is monitored to ensure it is under 42C.

Centrifuge extracted oil has a mild aroma and delicate taste, due to the absence of high heat in the extraction process. In the Cold Pressed Expeller method, ground coconut meat is passed through a hot-air dryer before being pressed, during which the dryer may heat the coconut up to 60C. The term “Cold-Pressed” is the final pressing method that generates heat at around 48C. The higher the temperature the stronger the aroma and taste will be, and a notably thicker consistency and slight discolouring are evident.