Douglas Park Organics Premium Organic Orange Juice is 100% pure, fresh orange juice. Filled with 100% certified organic orange juice straight from the zesty orange. The texture is lightly pulped juice, to ensure a fresh, lively and natural tasting juice with only the zestiest oranges. Most enjoyed and most delicious when chilled. The secret to this juice is all in selecting the finest oranges to be juiced, and then gently filling into a 1 litre. The package is designed with a low environmental impact, and ready to export to the world.

Douglas Park Organics is a family business committed to sustainable agriculture and a healthy body. We believe that growing and producing foods in the ‘Organic’ way provides foods in harmony with nature, and ourselves. No artificial chemicals, including no pesticides or fertilisers, are used in the cultivation of our organic foods, as we believe these chemicals adversely affect the body, damage the land and build up in our environment.

before the opening of product = 12 months

Juice from Australian Certified Organic Orange, 100% Orange Juice