The original flavour, our lightly salted Chibbs (puffed chickpeas)… some say are the best!

We use pink Himalayan sea salt which contains over 84 minerals and traces elements to replace vital electrolytes in the body and brings out the delicious natural ‘nutty’ flavour of our puffed chickpeas.

Our delicious range of Chibbs is the perfect energy snack that nourishes and fuel body and mind.

They are made from chickpeas which are high in plant protein and fibre. Unlike other brands that roast their snacks, Chibbs have been dry heated and puffed and then coated with the finest organic flavoured ingredients, which means you can enjoy a crisp satisfying crunch without the harm that comes from heating oils!

Our delicious flavours come from ingredients which have been specially chosen for your taste buds and your health in mind. We choose only the finest organic ingredients that your body can recognise and use to keep your energy levels stable throughout the day!

Ingredients: organic chickpeas, organic sunflower oil, organic tomato powder, organic cayenne pepper, pink Himalayan sea salt