Our Story

Good Decisions about Health and Happiness 

Arete - A Healthy Community 


Darren has a background in bodybuilding. Even though Darren has since left the sport, he has a very active lifestyle and is known around the Shire for running the best printing shop.

Omar also has an active lifestyle, having led several University sporting teams.

Omar & Darren met at the gym many years ago. Omar was just recovering from serious health issues in the early 2000s. These health issues led to his search for better health.
Darren had also been keeping fit and healthy. 

Sue Pryer is the founder of Arete Wholefoods. She had been running the store for quite a while before she decided to move to QLD. Omar & Darren being regular customers saw this as an opportunity to make health their careers. What better way to serve the community and spread the goodness. 

Arete is about community and the mission to bring better health to The Shire and surrounding areas. Health is the most important aspect of life, one which many of us take for granted. Having seen the good side and the bad side of health, Omar & Darren are well equipped to relate to a wide variety of visitors and point them in the right direction in their search for excellence in nutrition.