About Omar Faruq

Omar is an Organic Wellness Strategist and Advisor with 18+ years experience researching, developing and procuring speciality organic products with a niche focus on non-GMO foods and supplements. Omar has obtained a wealth of experience and knowledge pertaining to the development, research and launch surrounding organic and therapeutic whole food products having worked with an extensive range. Omar's experience as a nutrition and performance advisor for high performance athletes has equipped him with a profound understanding of the importance of holistic health.

Omar spent 6 months immersed in the Hunza civilisation, a mountain region situated in Pakistan (between China and Afghanistan), researching and understanding the healthiest and longest living civilisation on the planet. As a result, Omar has developed a wealth of insight pertaining to the key strategies to effectively perusing wellness.

Omar has further studied and developed a great level of expertise in relation to ancient Chinese medicine and herbal medicine's with a focus on the Greek and Egyptian philosophies, in his pursuit for discovering holistic lifestyle solutions to better wellness and longer living.

Omar founded Arete Organics in Australia to locally activate his pursuit of inspiring mindful and quality eating habits to support better living. Omar's iconic Sydney cafe, Nuffin' But Organics, provide consumers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a therapeutic whole foods experience.

Omar is committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise through public speaking engagements. Formally, Omar has successfully studied a Post-Grad Diploma in Commerce and a Master's in Business Administration in addition to his strategic studies in the health and wellness landscape.