Really Healthy Living – Can you handle the truth?

Confused about which diet to follow? Paleo? Atkins? High Protien? Low Carb? Ketogenic? Gluten free? Click here to RSVP or: text – 0452 427 383 email – To see our line up and our proud sponsors, see below:

Health and Wellbeing Seminar – Watch Online

Arete Organics worked with Ability Links NSW & Orana to bring  you the Health & Wellbeing Seminar on the 3rd of May 2016. Have a look at the highlight clip: Want to see Omar’s presentation on the often misunderstood role of food in health? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

The Importance of Coffee being Organic

  We Aussies don’t mind a cup of coffee. In the world ranking of 2008, we come in at 42nd place, with figures showing that, on average, we drank 3.0 kilos of coffee beans each. Australia went through 61,878 metric tonnes of coffee beans that year. This is a big industry. So it is extremely important that more people make …

The ‘Dirty Dozen’ – the most pesticide-laden fruit and vegetables in the U.S.

A few months ago, the Environmental Working Group (a non-profit organisation in the U.S., specialising in environmental research and advocacy) released their 9th annual report of their Shopper’s Guide to Pesticide in Produce. Part of that report includes their Dirty Dozen, their list of the twelve crops that contained the most pesticide residue. The EWG strongly recommend that people buy …


The Master Mineral – Are you getting enough??? Magnesium is essential for life. It acts as a general cell tonic while reducing inflammation and systemic stress. Magnesium is the single most important mineral for maintaining proper electrical balance. Extremely important for the metabolism of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron and sodium. Magnesium is a crucial element for maintaining vital …

Arete Christmas Hours

To all our valued customers and friends of Arete, Sue, Ken and the girls would like to wish you all the happiest, healthiest Christmas holiday. Arete Wholefoods will close at 5p.m. Saturday 22nd December, 2012 and reopen 9a.m. Saturday 12th January, 2013. Its time to rest and renergise for the start of another year. As a  thankyou gift I would like …

Christmas Cake

Hand Made Organic Christmas Cakes – Gluten Free & Sugar Free!

We are excited about our exclusive handmade Christmas Cakes with no added sugar or flour. Gift boxed and wrapped to make a healthy, thoughtful gift for friends and family with gluten and sugar intolerances. Organic Spelt Fruit Mince Pies, delicious with no added sugar or egg.


Organic Christmas Turkey Orders

At Arete we are in full swing of Christmas and taking orders now for Organic Turkeys, Hams, and Pork delivered fresh from Cleaver’s Organic Butchery. See our Meat product page for full selection. Call us on 9526 8088 or email to order before Monday 17th December. Meat delivered fresh Friday 21st December to Arete Store.